The ancient Hellenic writers were dedicated historians, but they often neglected to mention the achievements of ancient Hellenic women. Now it so happens that I am a woman and I quite like having a few female heroes to look up to, so I want to introduce you to them. You can find here links to posts about:

- Aesara of Lucania (philosopher)
- Agnodice (physician)
- Anyte of Tegea (poet)
Archidamia of Lakedaímōn (warrior and queen)
Aspasia of Athens (hetaira)
- Diotima of Mantinea (philosopher and priestess)
Eritha of Pylos (priestess)
- Errina (poet)
- Gorgo of Sparta (queen)
- Hydna of Scione (heroine)
- Moero (poet)
- Nossis (poet)
- Philaenis of Samos (hetaira)
- Telesilla of Argos (poet)