I like piety. I discuss it quite often here. I am a pious person. Elizabeth, over at Twilight and Fire has launched a survey to help index how the greater community thinks about the subject, and I have decided to enter. I have also decided to discuss it here, both because I want to help spread the word, and because I think her questions are interesting. If you want to enter too, please follow the instructions below:
  • copy and paste the questions into your email browser and send your replies to lokisthrowpillow@gmail.com with the subject header 'Piety Survey' 
  • answer each question as fully and thoughtfully as possible
  • parts of your reply may be used in the results
  • deadline: August 31, 2013
  • full guidelines here
I would greatly encourage everyone to fill in this survey, to give Elizabeth the best possible focus group for results. Here are mine:

Name (real or “Craft name”)
Elani Temperance
How long have you been Pagan/polytheistic?
Thirteen years, twelve as a variety of Neo-Pagan, one as a Hellenist.
What is your tradition (i.e. Wiccan, reconstructionist Heathen, eclectic, etc.)
Hellenismos (Reconstructionistic Greek polytheism)
Do you have any patron gods/goddesses or deities you are especially close to? If so, who are They?
Not in the patron sense, no.
How do you define your own relationship(s) to the gods? For instance, do you view one or more of Them as your beloved or spouse, or are They more like parents to you? Do you consider Them friends, allies, mentors? All of the above? None of the above? How does this differ between various gods?
No, the Gods are the Gods. Some of Them guard the household, and are therefor closer to us, but They are Gods--not my friends, not my family, my Gods, who can either help me or hurt me if They so desire. Even the Gods I have built kharis with (a reciprocal relationship), I do not have a personal relationship with. I am one of many.
How do you define “piety” as it relates to Paganism/modern polytheism?
I define piety as thoughts and actions performed out of devotion and respect to Deity. Piety, to me, in a Hellenistic setting, means putting the work I do for my Gods above anything else and never expecting anything in return. To me, it means living your life in the way the Gods desire of you, and to let Them shape your life as They see fit. I cannot define what piety means for the whole of the Pagan community, as the Pagan community is incredibly broad.
Do you find this to be a useful or relevant term concerning your own relationship with the gods? Is it relevant to Paganism/modern polytheism in general?
I think piety is one of the most--if not the most--important terms in my relationship to the Gods. As for the whole of Paganism; there is a lot of 'working with' going on and many paths don't focus on Gods at all, so it might be less useful and relevant for them. For me, it has always been essential.
Is it possible to be pious without an established dogma or authority? Why or why not?
Of course. Piety can be linked to dogma and/or authority, but at its core, it stems from a love for the Gods and the willingness to go the extra mile for Them. You don't need anyone to tell you how to love, although Recon Traditions like mine do have certain established means for that.
Is there anything you consider impious (i.e. behavior, modes of worship)? Why?
Lots of things, honestly. Much of the behavior of the greater Pagan community seems impious to me; 'working with', 'patronage', not addressing the Gods in the way they were addressed by those who originally worshipped them, etc. It's just that I am only accountable for the path I walk, so I don't mind how others walk theirs. For me, to not hold twice daily libations and prayers to the Gods, to speak ill of Them, to invest more time in one than the others, to neglect the heroes, Titans, nymphs, and minor deities, to not follow the sacred calendars of the month and year, to not practice xenia (ritual hospitality), to not live arête (the best I can be), to neglect Them in any way, is impious. 
Are you for or against the establishment and observance of rules about piety in your particular tradition and/or within Pagan/polytheist religion in general? Please explain your response.
For, naturally. These are already in place; xenia, kharis, arête, and many more are adopted pious acts within Hellenismos. Without practicing them, what you are practicing is a shadow of the religion; valuable for you, perhaps, but distant from fellow practitioners and perhaps even the Gods. That said, I can not walk, nor dictate, anyone else's path, and so I can and will not judge. It would be impious for me to assume that I had the power to observe the right path: that insight is only for the Gods.