The Archaeology News Network kicks off with a post on the Acropolis Educational Resources Repository today. The article is not very clear to me (wasn't the resource digitally available before today? Or just not for everyone?) but it did introduce me to the Acropolis Educational Resources Repository, which I had never heard of before.

In the words of the Archaeology News Network:

"The Acropolis Educational Resources Repository includes educational resources produced by the Information and Education Department of the Acropolis Restoration Service. Teachers, students and families can search the open access repository and enrich their teaching with valuable material related to the archaeological site and the Acropolis Museum, namely printable documents, brochures, photos, films, publications, digital games etc.
The user can choose a category (Educator, Visitor, Family, Student) and navigate through the repository’s content. This way students can easily find reference materials, teachers have free access to rich material and sources of inspiration to plan their lesson, and parents and visitors can get informed to prepare themselves for a visit to the archaeological site and the Museum of Acropolis."

I've been taking a look around the repository, and although some of the files are just leaflets, and some of the information is only available in Greek, the repository is still a massive source of information; even if you just look at the images. English translations have been provided for some of the most awesome resources, like the museum kit book on The Twelve Olympian Gods, and the leaflets on the restoration works being carried out on the Acropolis.

For anyone in education, who has kids looking to study the ancient Hellenes and their monuments, and for everyone else who loves clear cut chunks of information, the Acropolis Educational Resources Repository is for you.