So, I put two hours into a post I could not finish today because two of the sources I need are not in the public domain. Without them, it's pretty useless to put up the post, so I am going to hunt those down and publish that post a little later, hopefully just a few days from now. Seeing as I have run out of time for today, you are getting an awesome lecture where smart people talk about things they obviously do have sources for. So sorry, guys. Come back tomorrow for a post that I actually intended to write.

This panel event, called 'The Public Intellectual in Classical Athens and Today at The Royal Society in London', was organised by Durham University. It took place on 28th June 2012 and examined the influence of ancient Athens on democracy today. The all-female panel featured TV presenter and historian Bettany Hughes, Guardian chief arts and culture writer Charlotte Higgins and ancient drama and democracy expert Professor Edith Hall. It's a fantastic panel, and it gets bonus points for getting these incredibly smart women in one room and having people firing questions at them. Enjoy!