I try to keep the blog pretty Hellenic-only, but hey, there are plenty of Pagan and multi-faith initiatives worth the attention of my readers. I'd like to present you with one today: the New Alexandrian Library project is holding a fundraiser for the Gala held at the Between The Worlds Conference on March 7, 2015.

For those unaware, the New Alexandrian Library project aims to serve as a research library, a lending library, a museum, an archive, and as a hub for the preservation and the evolution of pagan culture. Books, periodicals, newsletters, music, media, art works, artifacts, photographs, digital media, etc., are all carefully being cataloged and cross-referenced to ease the work of research and study. The Library--which was completed December 2, 2014--will also work to restore and to preserve rare and damaged documents. They hold periodic fundraisers to finance the project.

Once, the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt served as the focal point for esoteric knowledge. This project is working to create a library worthy of its namesake. The New Alexandrian Library--once fully up and running--will be a modern, state of the art facility, comparable to the quality of a university library. The New Alexandrian Library will be collecting materials from all religious traditions focusing on their mystical and the spiritual writings. Like the original Alexandrian Library in ancient Egypt, it will be an interfaith crossroads.

Many of the perks of the fundraiser include tickets for the concert, but even if you aren't part of the NAL's Pagan community, supporting this cause is well-worth the effort and money. The NAL is located on 100 acres of Sacred Land at Seelie Court in Georgetown, DE. The facility will be accessible to visiting scholars and is serviced by Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. airports while maintaining a wonderfully secluded atmosphere for serious study.

Should you want to help the project, check out the fundraiser website.