So, I did something stupid and listened to other people where I should just have listened to myself and my body and now I've managed to poison myself. For those of you new to the blog, I'm intolerant to any and all grains, which is--apparently--not something common enough to simply be accepted. People keep forcing me to 'test' every now and again. Well, I am still intolerant and not at all surprised. I am, however, ill, so I am phoning it in today. Sorry about that. I'll spellcheck this in the morning (amongst other things, exposure gives me temporary aphasia), but I don't see red lines so I think I am good. Here, have a Youtube video on a day in the life in ancient Hellas. This video was presented in Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

Edited: oh my, this post was a mess! Good thing I checked it over :P