Oh, my beautiful, sweet, lovely, and supportive readers. Will you let me get away with a video today? This week has been batshit crazy and I've been pulling 14 to 16 hour workdays since Monday. I promise I'll do better after all the deadlines ;-) Don't worry, though; I am leaving you in very capable hands, especially after yesterday's post.

Mary R. Lefkowitz, former professor of classical studies at Wellesley College, says we can learn much about what it means to be human by studying the myths of the ancient Greeks. In the Distinguished Faculty Lecture during Wellesley's family weekend and in her fantastic book, 'Greek Gods, Human Lives: What We Can Learn from Myths' (Yale University, November 2003), Lefkowitz shows how myths have fascinated people through the ages while helping them cope with the uncertainties of their lives.

Diana Chapman Walsh, president of Wellesley College, introduces Mary Lefkowitz as she discusses this intriguing topic.