On the day of the Hene kai Nea, I post a monthly update about things that happened on the blog. Well, that did not happen this time because of two new recap for Atlantis so... you're getting it a few days later. Same with the Pandora's Kharis donation.

Changes to the blog:
  • Remember when I announced two months that I would make an announcement this month about some changes that will renovate, invigorate and renew Elaion as a whole? And then I hoped it would happen last month? Yeah, me too, and I am aware it hasn't happened yet. Basically, Robert and I have had to deal with some things in our personal lives and the projects have been postponed again, which is frustrating, but sometimes it's all you can do just to keep the projects you already have going. I can say, though, that the projects are back on and we are working hard.
  • Atlantis has ended. Long live Atlantis! Are you fully caught up with the recaps?

Anything else?
Pandora's Kharis, a charity circle for and by Hellenistic Polytheists has selected CARE as its cause for Mounukhion 2015. If you want to donate, you have until tomorrow! Join us on Facebook if you would like to pitch a cause for next month!

If you're you looking for an online shop to buy incenses and other Hellenistic basics from? Try The Hellenic Handmaid on Etsy.

That is it for the last month's updates, as far as I can remember. Have a blessed month!