As a core member of Elaion, I am very proud to announce that after months of back and forth, planning, and effort, we have re-launched the Elaion website! We felt it was time for an overhaul in which we could create a more dynamic website which would show the vibrancy of the Elaion community.

New features include a calendar with PAT ritual dates, an overview of available PAT rituals, a blog to keep up with Elaion news, a calendar of Hellenic festivals, essays about important Hellenistic topics by our members, and an easy search function to quickly find whatever you want on the site.

Perhaps more importantly, with the website re-launch, we also take another important step: the introduction of a forum for Hellenists, with a dedicated sub-section reserved just for members of Elaion.

Elaion began with Hellenic_Recons Yahoo Group, but like our religion, we must adapt to the times. A forum is easy to visit, it invites more in-depth discussion, and grants a larger sense of community than one would get from the e-mail list we applied previously. So, Elaion has set up a forum for its members and other Hellenic Polytheists to interact. This will become our primary community along with Facebook as a secondary resource. The Hellenic_Recons gYahoo group will remain in place as a resource for the years of discussion that have been built up there.

Once you register for an account on the Elaion forum, you will be registered as a 'visitor', as opposed to a member of Elaion. If you want to (re)claim your status as a member of Elaion (and unlock the perks of doing so), there is only one thing you need to do: please send me a personal message on the forum with the name and e-mail you used to do so (most likely the same as you used for the old Yahoo list).

Your account will then be upgraded to 'member' status, which means you gain access to the 'Elaion' section of the forum, there won't be any flood control (normally 30 seconds), personal message limits (normally 10 per day) are lifted, and the ability to delete your own topics becomes available. Of course you can also enjoy the forum as a visitor!

While we welcome Hellenic Polytheists of all kinds, we still strive for a Traditional practise and a Traditional outlook on Hellenic reconstruction. Even on the open boards, this view will be upheld!

We hope that this new website and the addition of a forum will revitalize Elaion and bring together even more of the Hellenic Polytheistic community. We hope to foster discussion and find a broadly supported way of worship, supported by the variety of people who worship the ancient Hellenes. So come and join us, post, and discuss. And make use of the 'suggestion' section for feedback!