For Boedromion 2015, the members of Pandora's Kharis have three great causes to choose from, submitted by our members. Two are related to the refugee situation and Syria, the other is Pagan related.

Doctors of the World Greece
Médecins du Monde / Doctors of the World is an international Non – Governmental, independent, humanitarian organization, which was founded in 1980 by 15 French doctors that believed in bearing witness and providing direct access to medical care for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The first and foremost mission of Médecins du Monde is to provide treatment. Actions though are not limited to medical care: always based on its medical experience and acting independently, MdM is vocal against the obstruction of access to healthcare and the violation of human rights and dignity. Firm supporters of human rights, they are against racism, xenophobia and the social isolation and marginalization of social groups.

These are the principles underlying the establishment of the organization «Médecins du Monde» which later began to spread in other countries (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA), creating an international network of Humanitarian Relief organizations dedicated to provide medical care to populations while fighting for equal access to healthcare worldwide. MdM has become today an integral and important part of the international network of Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organizations.

SyrienHilfe e.V. (SyriaAid , Aid to Syria Association) is an Organization that provides Humanitarian Aid in Syria. In order to provide personal and direct aid to the victims of the conflict in Syria, a group of doctors, engineers, archaeologists, teachers, and artists came together to found the charitable organization SyrienHilfe e.V. (SyriaAid).

The foundation works primarily inside Syria, but also in Lebanon and Turkey, to provide humanitarian and emergency aid to Syrian refugees. They undertake and support various self-help projects as well as training and education projects. And as far as they are able, they help with the care of orphans in Syria.

The aid SyriaAid provides is purely humanitarian and without any political motivation. Thanks to your donation and to the tireless engagement of our local helpers, they hope to deliver direct aid to as many people in Syria as possible. They aim to provide the victims of this crisis not only with food, clothing, lodgings, and medical services, but to give them psychological and moral support as well, to help them reestablish their sense of dignity. To give them support and to show them: You are not forgotten!

The Wild Hunt
The Wild Hunt is primary destination for those interested in following news relating and of interest to modern Pagan religions and other minority faiths. Founded by Jason Pitzl-Waters in 2004, The Wild Hunt has grown to become one of the most-visited and popular destinations exploring these topics. Recruited to in the Summer of 2011, The Wild Hunt decided to exist as an independent entity once more in the Summer of 2012. In addition, The Wild Hunt has now expanded into a media outlet with paid contributors and three paid staff members.

Every year, The Wild Hunt organises a Fall Funding Drive, and this year, they are asking for a base budget of $15,000 dollars to run for another year, and are hoping that supporters will help them not only meet this goal, but surpass it and allow them to do even more. $15,000 dollars will allow The Wild hunt to pay their hosting bills for another year, pay their staff, and cover other expenses related to running the website.

The Wild Hunt has a proven track record that stretches over nearly ten years, and over those years they've become an essential news source and inspired many to create their own media. They've interviewed big-name Pagans like Margot Adler and Starhawk, reported on controversies and inspirational moments that have affected our community deeply, and acted as a watchdog when the mainstream media reports on modern Pagans and other minority faith traditions. However, the commitment, time, and energy needed to make this sustainable can only happen if others in the community are willing to step forward and help them fund it.

Do you have a favourite out of these five? Vote for your favourite in our poll until October 9. We will announce this month's winner on October 10, 2015.