I have been having a few rough days--weeks, really. I have been busy, and stressed, and while things are going well enough, there are times where I wonder 'why me?' and 'why can't I get a bloody break every once in a while?'. The feeling doesn't last long but it is there sometimes. Yesterday, serendipidously, I would say, I was reading the fragments of Sophocles. Most of them are just that: fragments. Others are a bit longer and one jumped out at me. I wanted to share it with you as I am sure I can't be the only one who sometimes feels like this.

Strange That The Godless Prosper by Sophocles
Strange is it that the godless, who have sprung
From evil-doers, should fare prosperously,
While good men, born of noble stock, should be
By adverse fortune vexed. It was ill done
For the gods thus to order lives of men.
What ought to be is this, that godly souls
Should from the gods gain some clear recompense
And the unjust pay some clear penalty;
So none would prosper who are base of soul.