It's the morning after the Paris attacks as I write this. I was up most of the night, watching, reading, listening in horror as reports trickled in about what was taking place on the streets and inside Paris' public buildings. At least 120 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris. At least 80 people but as much as 120 or even 160 were reported killed after gunmen burst into the Bataclan concert hall and took dozens hostage. People were shot dead at bars and restaurants at five other sites in Paris. Suicide bombers blew themselves up near the Stade de France where a soccer match was taking place. Eight attackers are reported to have been killed, either by committing suicide or being shot dead by police. An hour after the attacks in Paris started, a fire broke out at the refugee camp in Calais--an event I hope to the Gods is unrelated and not an act of lawless retribution.

These events are unacceptable. They are lawless. They are merciless. These events hurt my heart. This morning, as Paris reels and I try to go on with daily life, I turn to the Gods first and foremost. And so, as we have all had to do far too often lately with terrible crimes of war and ethics being committed every single day by both sides of all crisis affairs, I pray. I pray for those alive and those who are dead. I pray for those still clinging to life. I pray to stop those willing the cycle on. This is my prayer, may it echo in yours.

"May Hermes Psychopompos carry the souls of the dead safely cross the river Styx.
May Hades accept them favourably, and may the judges judge them fairly.
May Asklēpiós tend to the wounds of the injured.
May Ares instil in them the passion of life, and the strength of a thousand warriors.
May Hypnos sooth their weary minds, and cloud them in sleep.
May Dionysos calm their terror.
May They offer the same to emergency personnel and passers-by who were witnesses.
May Dikē who weeps at the injustice done upon all touched by this tragedy, clutch the strong thigh of Zeus the All-wise, and beg of Him the severest of punishments.
May All-Mighty Zeus send winged Nemesis to administer swift judgement.
May Her judgement take from the guilty parties an equal or greater price than their victims have had to pay.
May Hēlios the All-seeing whisper truth to law enforcement, and guide the investigation swiftly towards those who conceived and executed this terrible crime.
May wise Athena led Her aid to them.
May Zeus the All-mighty bless those who ran not from the area, but towards it, in an attempt to offer aid to those wounded or dead.
May He look favourably upon those who ran away as well, as the will to live is at the core of every mortal's life.
To all Theoi: a last plea. To protect those whom the media will persecute, but are innocent of the crime.
To protect the innocent scapegoat from the actions of a species in the grips of fear and revenge."

People of Paris, of Calais, to those anywhere near violence and terror, my prayers are with you, and I believe the Gods are as well--all of Them.