In my most viewed post to date (by a landslide) I examined some symbols of Hellenism, in the hope of figuring out one that might unify the community. My choice out of a select few was the dodecagram.

The dodecagram, or twelve pointed star, is aready one of the more widespread symbols of Hellenismos. The twelve points represent the twelve Olympic Gods and thus the symbol serves its purpose as a dedicational symbol well. Another version of this symbol is the Star of Vergina, a symbol with sixteen points. The Star was used in ancient Hellas (Macedonia, mostly) and is still part of the Macedonian flag today. Because of this association, the Star does not have my preference, but I'm a great fan of the dodecagram.

In that post I also mentioned that what will decide the battle is the availability of the symbol. Back in 2012 (!) you couldn't order it anywhere, not even online. I have found versions throughout the years but they were either too small or just plain ugly. Sean, one of my readers contacted me recently with a link to a beautiful printed version!

The design is composed of two separate interlacing bands. Each band is in the shape of a modified hexagram. Together, the bands form the shape of a (modified) dodecagram. There is a larger and a smaller version.

The large version is: 3.174 cm wide, 0.3 cm high, and 3.5 cm deep.
The small version is: 2.54 cm wide, 0.224 cm high, and 2.864 cm deep.

The smaller version comes in the colours/materials 'Polished Silver', Raw Silver', 'Raw Brass', and 'Raw Bronze' while the larger comes in 'Stainless Steel, 'Polished Gold Steel', 'Matte Gold Steel', 'Polished Bronze Steel', 'Matte Bronze Steel', 'Polished Nickel Steel', 'Polished Grey Steel', and 'Matte Black Steel'.

The bronze (in either of the three versions) has my preference as both sizes have at least one version of it. It is also the cheapest version (€28.09 for small, €23.76 for big). It goes on my to-buy list instantly!

Are you interested? you can find the small one here and the big one here.