Yesterday marked the ate of the Pompaia festival. The festival was mostly a purificatory rite but like it's predecessor this month, the Maimakteria, the Pompaia was also linked to the weather. The rite fell in a month where people prepared for winter and where the weather got harsher. Zeus, as God of storm and stormy weather, had a major impact on the inhabitants of Athens and us today. Yesterday this was made ubundantly clear to me: The day of the festival coincided with the first true autumn storm to hit The Netherlands.

I love it when things like this happen, when you can look out your window and literally see why you are sacrificing. When you can look out and truly feel the need for prayer and divine aid. Zeus rages today and we offered appeasement. The storm brought warm weather and tomorrow the temperatur will be gentl and fair. Bless gloriou Zeus in all His many guises!