I stumbled upon a resource you might already know about, but this was the first time I came across it (what can I say, I don't like listening to podcasts). I'm talking about Ancient Greece Declassified, a podcast about making the “Classics” accessible to everyone.

"Thanks to archaeology and modern scholarship, we now know more about the ancient world than we ever did before. However, the average person today doesn't have access to free, reliable, up-to-date information about ancient Greece. Unlike other fields, the Classics have remained largely confined to the ivory tower of academia. It's time to change that. The Classics shouldn't be just for people lucky enough to go to certain schools. Everyone should be able to know about the ideas and events that inspired the founders of this republic. Let's declassify the classics.

The host of the podcast, Lantern Jack, is a graduate student in ancient philosophy who loves to travel and to play music. Exploring ancient Greece combines both of these passions, since the past is a foreign country, and ancient Greece in particular is a musical place."

There are fifteen episodes at the time of writing, spanning everything from archaeology, to philosophy, to mythology, to ancient Hellenic plays. If you have some time to kill on Boxing day, this is a wonderful way to do it!