Amongst the inscriptions at Delphi are two hymns by the poet Aristonoos of Corinth, one to Hestia and to the Pythian Apollon. They were recorded in the fourth century BC. I'd like to share the hymn to Hestia today, as I'm feeling particularly in need of a quiet and warm home today.

Hymn to Hestia

Holy Queen of Sanctity,
we hymn you, Hestia, whose abiding realm
is Olympus and the middle point of earth
and the Delphic laurel tree!
You dance around Apollo’s towering temple
rejoicing both in the tripod’s mantic voices
and when Apollo sounds the seven strings
of his golden phorminx and, with you,
sings the praises of the feasting gods.
We salute you, daughter of Kronos
and Rhea, who alone brings firelight
to the sacred altars of the gods;
Hestia, reward our prayer, grant
wealth obtained in honesty: then we shall always
dance around your glistening throne.

[from Greek Hymns: Volume I by William D. Furley and Jan Maarten Bremer]