An inscribed marble slab which was found and seized by authorities on Thursday on the Greek island of Evia (Euboea) is, according to a local expert, of significant archaeological significance. The slab was found, following a tip-off, by officers from the Attica Security Directorate’s Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities. It had been hidden among rocks in a bag used to transfer agricultural products.

According to the head of the Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Department at the archaeological site of Chalcis (Halkida), it is a 50x22 centimetre marble slab with an ancient Greek inscription carved into it. He said it dated to the Hellenistic era or Early Roman period, and had been part of an ancient sanctuary or ancient market area. Moreover, he said the text could provide valuable insights into ancient Greek culture.

Authorities have launched an investigation to find out who had hidden the stone. The text on the slab has not yet been released.

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