Members of the Polish-Ukrainian archaeological expedition have found, on the territory of the ancient Greek colony of Olbia (now Mykolaiv region), fragments of a house and valuable items dating back to the forth century. This was reported by Radio Poland.

One of the major finds was crockery, plates, dishes and other eating and serving tableware, usually made of some ceramic material. Head of the expedition Alfred Twardecky said:

"The crockery is in very good condition, and it is clear that they are made in a good workshop, so we assume that the house we are studying belonged to the rich townspeople. they could afford expensive crockery. So far, in Olbia, we have not been able to find such a valuable and a large tableware."

Olbia is the most important Greek colony in the Lower Bug area, the delta of the Hypanis (Bug) River and the Borysphen (Dnieper) River, founded in 647 BC. The research project involved scientists from the Warsaw National Museum and the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.