The Greek Embassy in Berlin received an unexpected and heavy parcel a few weeks ago, the sender was a German citizen. On opening the suspicious parcel, authorities and experts were met with a surprise, three fragments of ancient Hellenic mosaics stolen from Greece decades ago, as a note clarified.

Two of the fragments were removed from the island of Delos in the Cyclades and the other one had been extracted from the Hadrian Liberality in Athens back in the 1960’s. According to a first examination by pharmacologists the two mosaics from Delos, had most likely been detached from the floor of a Hellenistic house dating back to 323 – 31 BC and the pieces are measured between 7 x 8 cm. Meanwhile, the mosaic from Athens, a 10 x 9 cm piece has been removed from the floor of the four-story building which dates back to back to the fifth century AD.

All three mosaics were sent back to Greece on 10 October and were handed to the Antiquities Departments in Cyclades and Athens respectfully.