Greek-born architect Elias Messinas, who has been travelling and sketching through Greece since the 1980s, invites travelers, architects and artists, to share their sketches and drawings of Greece on his unique new site, EliasBlue.

"For centuries, travelers have explored the beauties of Greece and have recorded them on paper, bringing home unique images of towns, landscapes and people. In the age of smart phones and social media, Greece is still a source of inspiration to architects and artists who choose sketch in their travels. Here we host and share sketches and drawings from Greece, and invite you to explore Greece in a different way. Then, share your sketches online."
What is EliasBlue? It is the color that Elias uses in his sketches, inspired by the Greek sky and Aegean sea. The name was coined by Elias' peers at the Yale School of Architecture to express the unique blue color that Elias painted the walls of the Yale Art & Architecture front gallery for his travel sketchbooks exhibition in 1992. The color can be technically defined as Pantone 293 or Pantone Uncoated 293U. 

"I use the color to enhance my sketches when I travel in Greece. This color symbolizes the unique sky of Greece, and what Greece is about: inspiration, relaxation and spiritual renewal."