I'd like to share a message from Robert Clark, my fellow Elaion core meber today. He posted it in the Elaion Facebook group (are you a member yet?), but I think more people would benefit from its wisdom and the resources.

"Hellenic polytheistic religion is infused throughout the corpus of ancient literature for religion was inseparable from all aspects of life. It wasn’t a dogmatic system of beliefs but the way people thought and how they lived their lives. The beauty of that relationship with the Divine was entwined in how the world around them was perceived and also in how they ordered their lives. It fostered a search for truth and wisdom which encompassed all of ancient philosophy and the beginnings of scientific methodology.

To appreciate this unique relationship, one can find it throughout the ancient sources. With the internet, those sources are readily available as well as many scholarly analyses and commentaries. There is the familiar Perseus website (Greek and Roman Materials), the Internet Classics Archive, and other sources. 

One website perhaps less familiar which I have found very valuable is the Center for Hellenic Studies with a vast array of books and monographs; articles, essays, and lectures; and primary texts. Books can be browsed and read in their entirety online or purchased. It is more community based and many if the works will give valuable insights into ancient texts. As an example of the variety is Marcel Detienne’s Comparative Anthropology of Ancient Greece, 2009, and Ann Bergren’s Weaving Truth: Essays on Language and the Female in Greek Thought, 2008 which will give you an idea of the scope of material and scholarship the Center for Hellenic Studies offers."