A large complex from a temple of the Hellenistic period was discovered in Yeroskipou during excavations conducted by the Department of Antiquities, it was revealed on Thursday. The Director of the Department of Antiquities, Marina Solomonidou-Ierominidou, said the excavations took place under the building programme submitted by the Church of Cyprus, according to daily Politis.

The findings

"...include a Greek temple which is situated in the south eastern part of the complex and is enclosed by a courtyard. At the back of the temple there is a patio surrounded by different room."

She added that

"...the complete excavation of the monument and the study of the findings, will allow the department to make more accurate deductions regarding this important monument."

However, she said that the ancient findings will coexist with the building programme, ensuring that they will be protected and projected.

The Church of Cyprus is planning to build high-rises with luxury apartments, a 5-star hotel and an artificial island in the area of the findings. In 2017, the Cabinet declassified the area from an Ancient monument schedule, to the surprise of the Department of Antiquities, which claimed that it was the first time that an area which was classified as an ancient monument is declassified while the excavations were still in progress.