Elaion and I are proud to announce that by a large margin, Greek Non-profit Foundation Desmos has been elected as Gamelion 2014 cause for Pandora's Kharis. Desmos was established by a team of young, dynamic individuals sharing a common vision to responsibly and effectively address the imminent social and humanitarian crisis in Greece through collaboration and the involvement of the private sector. Desmos utilizes surplus products and services to meet the basic needs of vulnerable groups and individuals. With one phonecall or an email to Desmos, you can communicate your offer or your need, and enter into a dynamic network. Desmos won with 71 percent of the votes.
The Pandora's Kharis PayPal account is once more open to receive donations, and can be accessed in the right hand sidebar of the Pandora's Kharis page. Even if you are not a member of Pandora's Kharis, you are very welcome to donate any amount, no matter how small. The deadline to donate is February 1, 2014. All PayPal costs will be covered by Elaion so your full donation will be transferred to Desmos. Thank you in advance for your donation, for spreading the word, and/or aiding the cause in any other way. If you want to join the conversation, join Pandora's Kharis on Facebook.

On another note, today is the Theogamia. This festival celebrates the anniversary of the marriage (gamos, γάμος) of Zeus Teleios (Τελειος, Of the Marriage Rites) and Hera Teleia (Τέλεια, same), and Elaion is hosting a PAT ritual to celebrate it with other Hellenist around the globe. Will you be joining us at 10 AM EST? The ritual can be found here.