On a day pretty close to Valentine's day us Hellenists honour a beautiful festival of love and social stability: the Theogamia, also known as the Gamelia. This festival celebrates the anniversary of the marriage (gamos, γάμος) of Zeus Teleios (Τελειος, Of the Marriage Rites) and Hera Teleia (Τέλεια, same). Zeus Teleios and Hera Teleia were considered the patron Theoi of marriage, although we are unsure if They were given sacrifice to when a man and women wed in ancient Hellas.

This year, the Theogamia starts at dusk on the 28th of January and ends at dusk on the 29th. To celebrate this divine marriage and ask for blessings upon the romantic ties we may have in life, Elaion is organising another PAT ritual on the 29th of January. The time is set for 10 AM EST. The ritual can be found here, and as always, we would love it if you joined us. For more information about the festival, please see last year's blog post I wrote about it. Should you have trouble opening the ritual, feel free to send me an e-mail and I will send it to you as an attachment.

We hope you will join us next Wednesday, and that you will snap some pictures of your celebration; we always love to see how you have celebrated with us. Again, if you can't make the exact time, any time before dusk on the 29th is perfectly fine; it's the thought that counts.