I'm feeling very romantic today. I think it's because my girl is leaving for a two week trip on Monday and I already miss her. In nine and a half years, it's the longest we will have been separated. When I found the video below yesterday, I knew I was sharing it with you today. It's a compilation of images of a recent Hellenic wedding, and yes, it's giving me a lot of warm fuzzies. It was put online by Labrys.

I have described the ancient Hellenic idea of marriage before: marriage in ancient Hellas was a family affair. The father of the son--who was often in his thirties by the time he got married--opened negotiations with the family of a bride in her teens. The two families came to an agreement about dowry, a contract was signed by the father of the groom and the father of the bride in front of witnesses, and the groom met his new wife--often for the first time--before taking her to bed.

A wedding in ancient Hellas--and Athens, specifically--was dedicated to a large number of deities. Zeus Teleios, Hera Teleia, Aphrodite and Artemis would have received sacrifice the night before the wedding. Artemis was offered the girl's toys and playthings, so as to signal the end of her childhood. Hestia was honoured once the husband's new wife joined the household.

For these two young lovebirds, their marriage was obviously entirely voluntary, and I wish them the best together. As for me, I'll have my sweetheart back soon enough once she leaves, and soon, we'll have our wedding ceremony as well.