So, we all know we have Atlantis as a show to look forward to--filming has started for season two, although there is still no air-date--but we can always use more TV shows set in ancient Hellas! So, here is the thing:

This is SAG Award Nominee Joe Prospero, Creative Director, of the (hopefully soon to be created) 'Gods and Mortals', a 'fantasy-drama series, based on the work of Homer, Virgil, Euripides and other great Classical writers'. I'm going to let Prospero do the rest of the talking, because he has done a lot of talking on the kickstarter for this awesome project.

"Of Gods and Mortals will be a multi-narrative series that brings together the stories of some of Ancient Greece's most well known figures in a character driven series that steers away from CGI and special effects in order to bring to life the real emotional, political, sexual and historical context of these wonderful, timeless tales.

We want to bring an aesthetic sense of grandeur, suitable to the drama of the setting, whilst exploring the psychology behind the mythology - instead of opting for endless battle sequences and gratuitous computer generated monsters!

It is for this reason we have chosen episodic instalments as the means to tell this story. The texts we are working with span decades and there are innumerable well drawn characters, plots and sub-plots to work with, so as a viable series Of Gods and Mortals has a lot of potential and we have already figured out a story arch for a complete ten episode first series."

The pilot, 'The Apple of Discord' will set the premise for the series as a whole, and is described as follows:

"The Gods gather to toast the birth of baby Achilles, but one Goddess is determined to disturb the revelry. A squabble breaks out among three of the Goddesses - Hera, Aphrodite and Athena; a squabble ultimately resolved by the judgment of the young Prince Paris of Troy. His decision, to choose love over wisdom and power, sets into motion a decades long war on Earth and in the Heavens and changes the course of the lives Of Gods and Mortals throughout all of Greece."

If you're the type who is unphased by spoilers, here is a bit of the read-through for the pilot:

There are six days left to get up to the £7.000,- required to film the independent pilot, and the creators of Tempest Productions are still a little under £6.000,- short. They could really use your help, so if you have a little bit of money to spare to fund something very keen to your interests: this is it! Backers get download's, extra's (bloopers!), posters, and much more! The creators have definitely tried to make it worth your buck.

Are you excited? Are you going to donate? Because I am excited!