Good morning ladies and gentlemen, sorry I'm late. I had a doctor's appointment around the time Eos left the sky gates, or so it feels. Anyway: Elaion is organising another PAT ritual, and you are all cordially invited to join. The occasion? The Summer Solstice.

The Summer Solstice isn't a true Hellenic holiday; the ancient Athenians, for example, only observed it to time the new year's celebration that would follow after the next new moon. There are a few movements to celebrate it in modern Hellenismos, however, and we have come to realize that some of our members would like to observe the solstices as well.

Elaion invites you Saturday 21 June, at 10 AM EDT, to join us in honouring the Kings and Queens of the Gods, as well as those associated with the sun, light, and all things warm and growing. For those of you looking to join, you can find the information on the Elaion Facebook event page.