In very happy news, The Wild Hunt reports that Cara Schulz has decided to run for one of the two open seats on the local Burnsville City Council. The regular reader might be familiar with Schulz' name: she is a well known Hellenic Pagan, and a member of Hellenion. As such, her name has popped up on Baring the Aegis before.

As The Wild Hunt explains, the election is non-partisan, meaning the primaries coming up later this month will simply winnow the field down to four candidates from the current seven, regardless of each candidate’s personal party affiliation. The public will then vote two candidates into office this November. Schulz has also been active in politics for a long time, most notably, she was an active volunteer for Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson in 2012. Like Governor Johnson, Schulz is liberal on social issues, and conservative on fiscal policy.

The Burnsville city counsel is--obviously--no concern of mine, but Cara is a well known figure in our community, and I'm using her political step as something to hang a note on. We are discussing politics, but as anyone who has ever been involved in politics (or has seen any fictional character in a series or movie run for anything political) knows, politics are personal. It's not just the political views of the candidate that matter in getting elected: it's the person. Religion--especially in America--is a huge part of why a candidate gets elected for anything.

Every step into the public's eye a member of a minority religion makes brings with it consequences for other members of said minority. People will always hold that person up as an example. This works for everything, gay people, black people, etc. I've been friends with people who have always been uncomfortable around homosexuals but who, through knowing me, have come around. They think positive of homosexuals now, and that is because they like me. 

Schulz is not the first Pagan to make the news by running for something political. We are fresh off the very painful affair that was Theodsman Dan Halloran's stint as a former New York City Councilman. Just a few days ago, Halloran was convicted on corruption and bribery charges, after a long investigation. Because his religion became a major focus during his election process, it will undoubtedly leave a taint upon Theodism now Halloran has been convicted.

I doubt there are any skeletons in Schulz' closet. She is an eloquent, thoughtful, and very smart woman. I have no doubt that Schulz would/will do a fantastic job on the city counsel, and I know that she is well aware of the visibility she takes upon herself and Hellenismos. Every time someone from our little community takes a step outside of it, though, I find myself holding my breath just a little. Just enough to realize how close Hellenismos and its reputation is to my heart.

The primary election was held on August 12th, and I have no idea how Schulz did. I hope she made it through (and I will let you know if she did). I hope she makes it onto the counsel and has a profound impact on Burnsville. I hope she makes it better, and that she does it with the Hellenic ethics in mind. I hope she will remain to be an addition to our community--both inside of it and out of it. Overall, I simply wish her the best, and good things on her and the religion she represents.