I worked a 16 hour day yesterday, and I have to rush off for a similar day today, so this is going to be short. Today I would like to share a video of an recreated kithara being played in the Temple of Apollon at Delphi (or in front of a green screen, but whatever). Peter Pringle plays the instrument, and does so very beautifully. I am not allowed to place the video here, so click on the picture to be taken to youtube.

The kithara was an ancient Hellenic musical instrument in the lyre or lyra family. It was a professional version of the folkish two-stringed lyre. Musicians who played the kithara were called 'kitharodes'. The kithara's origins are likely Asiatic. The barbiton was a bass version of the kithara. In modern Greek the word kithara has come to mean 'guitar', making that the closest modern equivalent, although the sounds would be quite different. Enjoy!