Do you know what I'm in the mood for? New episodes of Atlantis. Sure, it isn't the most historically accurate show ever made, sure the writing could be better, sure, it needs a bit of work in the acting department, but I liked the first season. I like the humour, I liked watching something that was supposed to be ancient Hellas on my screen every week, I liked recapping the episodes.

The second season should start somewhere in the Fall, although an exact release date has not been announced. We do know that the second series had its initial read-through on 11 March 2014, before filming began on 17 March 2014. On 3 April 2014, it was announced that Vincent Regan will be joining the cast as Dion (a Laconia king), along with Amy Manson as Medea. Clive Standen, of 'Vikings'-fame, will guest star in an episode of the second season.

As a personal note, I enjoy how open Robert Emms is to his slash (homosexual) (relation)ships on the show: there are quite a number of fans who ship Jagoras (Jason/Pythagoras) and Python (Pythagoras/Jason). That tweet, by the way, was retweeted by the BBC--which I appreciate.

Oh--while we are on the topic of Twitter: The Oracle is still hilarious.

Once Atlantis returns, I'll be recapping it again for those who can't see it but would like to keep up with it. I'm curious what will happen now the Big Bad had effectively been neutered because she turned out to be her greatest enemy's mother. I look forward to seeing how Jason and Ariadne's relationship will develop and how Jason will handle the inevitable discovery of his ancestry. What other secrets does The Oracle have up her sleeve? What will happen to Medusa? What role will Medea play--in the ancient lore, she was the original Jason's love interest, after all. So many questions! If is the Fall season yet?