The astonishing project of French BK I Digital Art Company, 'Golem x Apollo', has recently brought the disembodied head of ancient Greek god Apollo to life, marking the beginning of a new era for art museum exhibits in the near future, thus reports the Greek Reporter. The company used face projection mapping technology in order to animate the sculpture of Apollon, offering moving eyes and verisimilar facial expressions to their installation.

“In ‘Golem x Apollo’ project we’re using an antic sculpture and video to create an uncanny feeling. Put life into an object. This work is based on the lack of life inherent of virtual imagery and classical sculptural art. ‘Golem x Apollo’ explores the thin line between virtual reality and real virtuality.”

Those are the actual words chosen by BK I Digital Art Company artistic director Arnaud Pottier and his colleagues in Villeurbanne, France, in an effort to describe their unconventional inspiration.

Pottier’s artistic team made a real 21st century update to the ancient Hellenic God by creating a shadowy and haunting atmosphere on the antic sculpture putting a light box underneath it. Apollon’s face is given new life to its eyes that were once white plastic orbs. They blink, flicker and gaze about the room.