So, remember how last year, I told you SyFy was going to bring you a TV show based on ancient Hellenic mythology? Syfy has unveiled the first full promo trailer for Olympus, and well... tool for yourself.

The new TV show follows the adventures of Hero (Tom York, Tyrant), the bastard son of King Aegeus (Graham Shiels, Guardians of the Galaxy), who is the holder of the Lexicon. The Lexicon is the secret code that allows man to enter Olympus, the legendary home of the Gods. The cast also includes Sonya Cassidy (The Paradise) as Oracle, the inimitable Matt Frewer (Orphan Black) as Daedalus, Sonita Henry (Doctor Who, Young Dracula) as Medea, Wayne Burns (Remedy) as Lykos, Alan C. Peterson (Hemlock Grove) as King Minos and Sophia Lauchlin Hirt (Klondike) as Ariadne. Here’s a synopsis for the upcoming series:

"A young man’s mythical quest to solve the riddle of the Gods, unlock the doors to Olympus and become an immortal. Hero’s epic journey leads him through the darkest realms of Ancient Greece accompanied by the beautiful, but twisted Oracle of Gaia, the powerful sorceress Medea and genius inventor Daedalus. Hero battles trickster gods, vicious monsters, seductive nymphs, kings and despots, as he transforms from fresh-faced naive into a ruthless, coldhearted killer, and match for the gods themselves."
I don't know about you, but I'll at least attempt to watch the first episode. There is a bit too much sex and nudity in there for me--not something I'm against on principle, but I've never been into 'Game of Thrones' or ' Rome' either, so I don't think I'm the target audience--but I want to at least see how badly the mythology will get mangled. Feel free to let me know what you thought when you've watched the first episode (or even the trailer); Olympus will premiere on April 2 on Syfy.