Lykeia is one of the Hellenic bloggers I greatly admire. She blogs over at Beloved in Light and is a devotee of Apollon. If you ever have any questions concerning the God or His worship, Lykeia is the person to ask. Period. She has previously published a book on Apollon and his worship and is now updating that through a series of booklets. The first of which is out now and it's called ' The Name of Apollon'.  The book is aimed for the modern worship of Apollon by utilizing the arts of history and philosophy to understand how our forbearers knew him and how that relates to us today.

The booklet can be purchased here for $9.00.

Other booklets that are on the way are 'Domestic Worship of Apollon, 'Mother Leto', 'His Father’s Will', 'The Shining Twins', 'The Serpent of Delphi', among others that shall be released over the next couple of years. These booklets will be a great addition for everyone looking to deepen their understanding and devotion to Apollon and His family.