Would you like a job at the Herod Atticus Theatre and the Epidaurus theatre?

The Greek Festival is seeking cashiers and theatre ushers for summer season performances at the Irodion and Epidaurus theatres. Ticket booth cashiers need a high school diploma as well as experience in using computers (Windows XP, MS Office, Internet). They also need to have a good knowledge of English, whereas a second language would be desirable. Candidates need to be good communicators.

Ushers and ticket checkers at the site of the performance need to have college or university degrees. Previous experience will also be taken into account.Positions are available at Athens or Epidaurus theatres. To apply, fill in an application from the Greek Festival’s site.

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Coastal guards arrested a man for antiquities smuggling
A small fortune lay hidden inside an unaccompanied parcel that travelled from Piraeus to the isle of Rhodes. The coastal guard’s suspicions were raised. They carefully observed the parcel and arrested the foreigner, aged 32, who went to pick it up.

Archaeologists are currently studying the contents of the package and are trying to date the artefacts as well as determine their origins. From the images released, the contents seem to be ancient Hellenic coins.