Ha! Okay, so I will give you something serious tomorrow, but I saw the video below yesterday and I cannot withhold this from you. It is a very well researched rap battle between Zeus and Thor as created by ERB, as part of the Epic Rap Battles of History.

The record-breaking digital series 'Epic Rap Battles of History' (ERB), created by Peter Shukoff (aka Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (aka EpicLLOYD), features comedic rap battles between historical and/or pop culture figures—such as Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking, Mozart vs Skrillex, Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates and Moses vs Santa Claus. The series, which airs on the YouTube channel /ERB, is currently the most viewed format on YouTube on a per episode basis.

The series has over 1.2 billion views and more than 7 million subscribers and due to its popularity has spawned an additional channel — /ERB2 — which features behind-the-scenes content. You can watch the tree (!) behind-the-scenes videos of the rap battle between Zeus and Thor.
The ERB official website is another hub for the series while also allows fans to vote for who they think won each battle, but of course we don't need a vote to know who won this round, right? Go Zeus!