With roughly 88 percent of the votes, the fundraiser for the Bakcheion has won out for Pandora's Kharis cause for Thargelia 2015. Bakcheion (Βακχεῖον) is a sacred guild honoring Dionysos Bakcheios, the God of ecstatic deliverance. Formed with the sole intent of hosting a Dionysian ritual at Many Gods West 2015, the Bakcheion includes members from all over the United States and the polytheist and pagan spectrums. The ritual will be held on the 1st of August at the conference hotel. The ritual will be open to registered participants and conference members. It will include a devotional performance, music and offerings in honour of Dionysos and His retinue.

This sacred act is dedicated to Dionysos with the intent of honoring and pleasing our beloved god. However, this ritual will also be an opportunity for pagan community members to come together in joint celebration; some, for the first time. Participants come from different backgrounds, but a majority are members of The Thiasos of the Starry Bull, making this the first live Thiasos ritual.

The Bakcheion consists of volunteers with members offering their services for free and out of their own pockets. As some relief, the organisation is calling for donations to help cover member travel expenses, accommodation and performance costs; including props and materials, libations /offerings and whatever other expenses. If donations exceed the asking amount--$3,270--it will be distributed back into supporting the polytheist community.

Apart from donating to the cause, spreading the word is of great value. The organisers are also offering unique, original designed t-shirts and apparel on CafePress with any revenue going towards the cause. If you want direct involvement, feel free to join them.

Donating to the Pandora's Kharis' fundraiser for this cause can be done by clicking the 'donate' button to the side of the Pandora's Kharis website, or by transferring the funds directly to baring.the.aegis@gmail.com with PayPal. The deadline to donate is 17 June. Thank you in advance!