Where did this month go? Seriously, where did this month go? It feels like barely a week since I typed up the last monthly update! Whew! Well, it's time for another one, I guess. A while ago, I decided that on the day of the Hene kai Nea, I'd post a monthly update about things that happened on the blog.

Changes to the blog:
  • This month, Pandora's Kharis raised a record breaking amount for CARE in order to help out the victims of the Nepal earthquakes: $1300,-. I am still so thankful of this major achievement! You can still donate to the fundraiser for the Bakcheion for another 24 hours! 
  • Last  month, Atlantis ended (RIP, Atlantis!) and the recaps have been completed. I will start tracking completed series in the box to the left, for clarity. This month, I suspect I will add the Constellation Series and the Labours Series to the list.
  • I did start up a new one, though, focussing on the Seven Sages of ancient Hellas.
Anything else?
Robert and I have taken to planning our PAT rituals ahead of time (yes, finally!) so during these updates I will tell you when and which we will host. For Skirophorion these will be: PAT ritual: sacrifice to Kourotrophos (20/06), PAT ritual for the Skiraphoria (29/06), and the PAT ritual for the Dipolieia (1/7). Rituals and Facebook announcements to follow.

Are you looking for an online shop to buy incenses and other Hellenistic basics from? Try The Hellenic Handmaid on Etsy.

That is it for the last month's updates, as far as I can remember. Have a blessed Deipnon!