Elaion is proud to announce that Pandora's Kharis members have raised $60,- for our democratically decided upon cause the The Donkey Sanctuary. As always, you have all given generously, and in the spirit of the Gods!

The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE and supports projects in 27 countries worldwide. It reaches out to those in greatest need through the provision of permanent refuge and veterinary services to alleviate their suffering. Over 50 million donkeys and mules exist in the world. Many need care and protection from a life of suffering and neglect, whilst others have a vital role to play in human survival and happiness; they are at the heart of everything they do at The Donkey Sanctuary.

This means The Donkey Sanctuary can provide food, shelter and love for a single donkey for ten days at the sanctuary in Sidmouth. Or that it can keep their rescue vehicles on the road for 12 hours – saving donkeys from terrible conditions. Or that they can hire a farrier to trim long and painful hooves and treat uncomfortable foot conditions for three donkeys, or two visits from the equine dentist to rasp teeth and remove any uncomfortable sharp edges. Or, if they so decide, our donation will stock their medical supplies for one day to treat sick and injured donkeys overseas.

From this moment on, the Pandora's Kharis Facebook page is open to pitches. If you do not have Facebook, feel free to pitch your cause in the comments. We will relay the message to the community. On to another month of pitching, voting, and giving. Thank you for your generosity!