I try not to post two news/archaeology items in sequence, but this one gave me such a chuckle when I read the title, I knew I had to post it. It seems that a pair of ancient Hellenic clogs, dating back 1,500 years, were among the findings unearthed by archaeologists in at the site of Yenikapı in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet the excavations revealed important finds. The ancient clogs featured an engraved inscription in ancient Greek which referred to health (it reads 'use on healthy days'). The excavation in Yenikapı also brought to light cherry pits from a shipwreck which took place around 1,200 years ago, an ivory head figurine carved 1,600 years and a wooden comb dating back 1,200 years. the finds also included human footprints from the Neolithic and tools such as horn spoons and paddles dating back 8,000 years--the oldest to ever be unearthed.

At the same time, the excavations at the Aksaray Yenikapı Square, which are thought to be an extension of the ancient Theodosius Harbor, are still being carried out. Officials and archeologists stress that these excavations must be carried out with utmost care as very important findings may be revealed there.

The findings are being held at the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, however, the archaeological team aims to transfer them to the new museum at Yenikapı.