Good morning, afternoon or evening/night to you lovely folks. Today I have but a PSA for you that I know some of you will be jumping for joy for. I was recently contacted to join the Hellenic Polytheist Chat, a Skype group for Hellenic Polytheists to come together and talk about the religion (as well as the occasional other thing). I've joined in a lurky manner because my days are too full as is, but I did want to offer its creator a platform to reach others on.

"[The Hellenic Polytheist Chat] is a safe place to come to when you want to chat with others about your religion - knowing that fellow members are also of similar beliefs. You'll be able to share your experiences and thoughts, and the hope is that it'll be a place for the love of your religion to thrive."

The good thing about a Skype group is that it's free, it's safe, and everyone has access to it, so I support creator Graysen in this endeavor. If you would like to join, go to that link and send them a message. The option to do so will be on the top right of your screen and you can send a message even if you're not on Tumblr. You'll get a link that'll take you straight to the group and you'll be set to chat!

As a note, I would like to say that you are always welcome to pitch anything that supports the community to me and I'll happily give it a platform if I endorse the idea! Enjoy the chat, everyone, and maybe I'll see you guys around!