Once upon a time, when I started this blog and I was unburdened by thirteen hour workdays and life was simpler on the whole, I used to cross-post every blog post to Facebook. When the aforementioned work hours and complications snuck in, I had to let that time commitment go. I didn't like to, though. Yesterday, by accident, I discovered a way to automate the process--through a site called 'If This, Then That'. If I've set up everything correctly, you might be one of the 1700+ people who have 'liked' Baring the Aegis on Facebook and decided to hop over here for a look. I truly hope so!

Provided I have done this correctly and everything works, is there another social media channel you would like me to try to forward the links to daily? I am sure I can manage to do so. Let me know, alright? and if you came here through Facebook I would love to hear as well!

As a little bonus, I have also updated the Elaion website to display upcoming and past events straight from the Facebook events section for your convenience!