Philosophical question: who is the God or Goddess of modern technologie? Whose name do I use in curse or plea when my computer freezes up? When my phone gets updated and it turns out the devolopers are entirely out of touch with what I need my phone to do and instead stuff it with bloatware and useless 'features'? Who do I pray to when my laptop boots up for the last time, then never fires up again?

I would be especially interested to hear the answer to the latter today, as that is exactly what has happened. While we're at it, who do I pray to to get the delivery person to hurry up with its replacement?

I'm typing this on my mobile phone and let me tell you: Blogger does not like mobile phones. I'll have something good for you tomorrow, when the delivery person has visited my house and I have prayed for patience and guidance to the screen lit God or Goddess of technology, by whose bright radiance I literally eat or starve (without my technology, I wouldn't be able to do my work, after all), during the setup of the newest addition to the ever-growing technological arsenal I'm building in my home.

Thank you for your patience while I suffer!