Hey everyone, I'm sure you have noticed lately that I have been a bit busy. Since graduating, I have been job hunting and juggling money worries with all my commitments. I am making it work--mostly because I have a wonderful and kind girlfriend--Unfortuntely, it has also affected my time and desire to write. At least I now have my tablet/own compter back, which was at the repair shop for a little over three months due to people's inability to do their job correctly. That has at least returned some of the fire to delve back into my writing.

I'm not in the habit of posting personal stories on this blog; I might discuss my practice but I discuss my person much more infrequently. I figured, though, that you all had earned the right to know.

This post is not a real post but a plea to stick with me until I get out of this little funk of mine; Baring the Aegis has been around since June 2012, and although not every day was a revelation, I have posted consistently at least once a day since that time. I want to and will continue to do so for a very long time to come; I love this religion and I enjoy the research and time spent in this blog. It has always been a wonderful way for me to deepen my devotion and give back to the community.

So where do we go from here? I have a favor to ask of you: I would like you to ask me things; e-mail me, contact me through social media (see sidebar on the left), or post a comment, but ask me about our faith. The biggest struggle for me lately is getting in the right headspace to think of a subject to write about. If you would ask me a question, that part is already taken care of. I won't post your name (or even your exact question) if you tell me to, and I would be really grateful.

The questions can be about anything; personal practice, mythology, ancient Hellenic culure, anything that you are unclear about. I am of the opinion there is no such thing as a silly or inppropriate question, so feel free to ask me literally anything. I will be back tomorrow no matter what, but my dear readers, it would really mean a lot.

Gods bless, everyone,