The 'Y' is one of those letters that makes me want to drop the Pagan Blog Project, just because there is simply nothing that relates completely to Hellenism. As such, I have to branch out a little and I will write a post I have been meaning to write for a while but never really found the spoons to write.

I came to Paganism through Eclectic Religious Witchcraft (in one form or another). It eventually lost its appeal in favor of something that was more truthful to me, more fitting, but I learned much in my ten+ odd years in the religion and one of them is that I really, really, cannot stand people charging exhorbitant prices for religious teachings. I feel that if there is one thing that should be 'open source', it should be religion. There is nothing wrong with asking for a donation or charging a small fee to cover costs, but as soon as you start charging $15,- for an hour long ritual that cost you nothing to put together but an hour of your time, I break out in hyves.

There is nothing wrong with selling art or books, or doing anything of the sort, especially if your prices are reasonable; this is a wonderful service to the community and something that can add to your practice once you have the funds. I'm talking more about information here, which is hard to be without if you want to practice.

Money makes the world go 'round these days, and it truly sickens me. Money should have no place in the pursuit of truth, faith, and happiness. Again, I have no issue with covering costs or even a little more than that, but I have seen a lot of fuckery (pardon the term) when it comes to money, and I have seen how some people who really want to participate and practice in the way they feel they are told to are left in the cold because they can't cough up the fee.

All of the religions under our banner are small when compared to the mainstream faiths, and as such getting quality information on it is rediculously hard. Some religions and traditions under our banner have a bit more information overturn and talented writers than other, but in general, it is very, very, hard to get your questions answers and if you are just starting out, you are far more likely to be told to do 'your own damn research' than get an answer at all from mroe experienced members of the religion.

What is this, people? Why do we do this? Why do we downlook those who come into the faith eagerly, willing to learn? Have we forgotten how badly we struggled in the beginning, how just figuring out basic ritual structures took a month? How we didn't know what to buy, what to say, how to look at the world? Why make someone else go through that when all it takes is a sentence or two to say: 'look up the word 'khernips', it's the lustral water used for purification. Come talk to me when you have and we'll get you started'.

I believe information is the greatest gift we can give our fellow human beings and fellow religionists. I don't believe in 'you get what you pay for'; I believe in 'you get what you need if you ask me nicely'. Be a decent human being to me, don't treat me like a Magic 8-Ball, and I will spent hours researching your question if I don't know the answer from the top of my head. I do this because I do remember being in your shoes; I remember being stuck with Google only and not having access to any of the books that Google ended up referring to. I remember my frustration.

As someone who gets (and answers) questions about Hellenismos quite often, I have found there are two types of questions: 'please help me because I just can't find any more information and I'm stuck', and 'please help me because I am too lazy to open Google'. In the latter case, I will always reffer you to Google with a few search terms concerning your query. In the first case, you get essays worth of material from me; free of charge, no strings attached, no questions asked (unless I need the answers to properly help you along).

I think I have pledged this before, but I will never charge you for anything. I might ask for donations or eventually put up a donate button, but the information I have, I will always share freely. I will also always be available for questions and I will never judge you for your query. Contact me through e-mail (baring.the.aegis at gmail), or Facebook, or on the Baring the Aegis Facebook page or in any of the groups I frequent. I have Google+, Twitter, and a Youtube channel. I am pretty much everywhere so if you have something to ask, just ask; free of charge, because I love our Gods, and I treasure my tradition. I would love to gift you that gift as well.