'Tis the season to be stupendously busy with tidying your house before your parents come over, baking bread substitutes so you can participate with Christmas brunch, and slave away all day in the kitchen, it seems. Today and tomorrow will be light on posts because by the Gods, I am swamped! I'll be back after the holidays. Enjoy Christmas for those who have made plans, and for everyone going home to hostile environments for whatever reason--religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.--be strong. Just hold on these few days.

For today, I am going to share pretty pictures of Disney's Hercules because I recently watched that movie and nothing is getting 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' out of my head, not even all the horrible Christmas tunes the shops keep blasting out. You know, there is a lot wrong with this movie from a mythological standpoint, but the songs are the best!

I hope you get to enjoy the holidays with family and friend, and really good food. It may be a Christian holiday, but there is a lot of Hellenism in the execution of it, so just hold on to that. Remember, when you're full, you're full.

 - kurtcobains

Disney Meme: [3/7 Sceneries] (Hercules) - vviserystargaryen
Disney Scenery - Hercules pt. 2 - vviserystargaryen