I am so sorry, but I slept horribly last night and when I finally did fall asleep, it must have messed with my biological clock enough to make me oversleep. As a result, today's post is pure improvisation in the span of five minutes. I promise to do better on Saturday, as tomorrow's blog post was already written two weeks ago when I forgot all about the 'Y' in the alphabet. Bad blogger.

At any rate, yesterday I was in the mood to catch up on old times and although I am well aware of how controversial this whole thing was, I am sharing with you today (in five videos, no less) the lightning of the flame ceremony of the Olympic Games of 2008. I love the Olympic Games but I am so conflicted over Russia's winter games. As a lesbian, I feel so horrible that I do sort of want to watch it... It's driving me nuts. So here are videos of a slightly simpler political and ethical Olympics. Actual text tomorrow and onwards.