*Cough* Oh, hi. So, I've been dealing with Pandora's Kharis things all morning and I had planned to have that be the post today, but it seems the cause is not being cooperative and allowing for easy transferring of funds (something I should have checked before, but didn't, as I saw a PayPal donate button on the site). As such, I'll need at least a few more hours to get everything working in such a way that it's financially and legally feasible. While I deal with that, I'm sorry to say I am going to have to leave you with a video today. I'll make up for it soon, I promise.

Ignore the art and remember that it was a made-for-tv documentary so some things are pretty much BS. That said, the basics of the video are very inspiring.

"The world of the Ancient Greeks lives on today through its mythology. For countless generations prior to biblical times, tales of gods and goddesses were passed down by storytellers and interwoven into traditions and philosophies. Each city devoted itself to particular gods. But these gods also had human frailties. Where did the pantheon originate? Did any of the stories in Greek mythology actually occur? We look at new archaeological evidence that supports the possibility. This History Channel program delves deep into the stories of the Greek Olympian pantheon. History Channel Presents Gods and Goddesses video In addition to thoroughly exploring the myths and traditions, Gods and Goddesses visits archeological sites, interviews experts, and speculates on the relevancy and continually changing perspective on the Greek myths."