In a beautiful display of community initiative, Jonathan Agathokles and Derek Fletcher have created an interactive world map--hosted by anyone can add their location and find others in their general area.

As the map is currently an editable one, there is no need to make an account.  Simply select 'Additions' in the top beam and click the first option: 'Add Marker - Simple'. A pop-up window will now appear and ask you for your information. Fill in your name, location, and under 'directions' you can fill in any contact information you wish to leave. I added my e-mail and blog link. You can upload a picture if you want. From the 'Marker' menu, select the 'candle' in honour of Hestia and save your entry by clicking 'submit'.

I would encourage every Hellenist to add their details to the map in an effort to locate each other in some way. Many of us are practicing alone while they would much rather practice with others. These types f initiatives matter, and I applaud them greatly. I hope to see your name show up on the map and I'd be grateful if you would spread the word. Thank you in advance!