Before my Deipnon cleaning, I took a couple of pictures of some of my ritual tools and the damage they sustain because of their use. I think there is something beautiful in the way items wear down; they are used over and over again, and along the way, they become part of the devotional practice as they leave more and more of themselves behind during each ritual. Their beauty becomes marred by the stains of religious activity, and in those imperfections, lies the core of my devotion. I wanted to share these images with you today, as a testament to the Gods.

My kylix, suffering from more than a year of twice-daily libations.

My khernibeionas, stained beyond repair from (salt) water exposure)

The top surface of my wooden altar, tinted red by wine, and slowly corroding.

(Salt) water damage on the front of my altar, eating away the top layer of the wood.

Sooth stains on the bowl I use to burn my sacrifices in.

Candlewax staining my altar