Elaion is proud to announce that the fifth Pandora's Kharis donation run has raised $120,- for its democratically decided upon cause the National Runaway Safeline. Once more, everyone has given very generously, and in the spirit of the Gods!

NRS provides education and solution-focused interventions, offers non-sectarian, non-judgmental support, respects confidentiality, collaborates with volunteers, and responds to at-risk youth and their families 24 hours a day. I'll let Maureen Blaha, executive director of the National Runaway Switchboard explain their work better:

PayPal takes its standard fees from the transactions--in this case about $8,-, which was covered by Elaion, making sure every cent of the donation went to the Switchboard. The average amount paid by the contributors was around $20,-, with donations coming in as high as $40,-.

As always, we encourage members who have given so generously to dedicate this gift to the Gods, especially the Kourotrophos; (mostly) female deities who watched over growing children--Gaea, Artemis, Hekate, Eirênê, Aglauros and Pandrosos, especially. A pre-made ritual can be found here, on the Elaion Facebook page.

From this moment on, the Pandora's Kharis Facebook page is open to pitches. If you do not have Facebook, feel free to pitch your cause in the comments of this blog post. I will relay the message to the community.

On to another month of pitching, voting, and giving. Thank you for your generosity!